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Our vegetables and herbs are grown organically right here in our garden.

We never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bio-diversity is our goal in this garden! We are not trying to eradicate all pests (a losing battle). Instead, we want to find the balance where every organism in the garden ecosystem is contributing to the life cycle.


Ladybugs and predatory wasps keep aphid infestations at bay. Green tree frogs keep the insect population under control. Weeds spring up to cover bare soil, preserving moisture and protecting the soil structure. The whole garden bursts with life - some invited and some not!

When necessary, we use manual, labour-intensive practices to control pests and weeds, and restore balance.


Our soil is healthy and fertile thanks to the chickens, sheep and horses who live here on the farm.  We compost their manure and then add it to our garden beds.

The result? Fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables grown in the healthiest way possible!


A green tree frog suntans high up on a sunflower leaf in the garden.

What's Growing Now?

We respect nature's rhythms, and our natural farming methods mean that many of our veggies are only seasonally available. For a list of what we are growing this month, please click here

Want to Know More?

Want to know more about how we grow our veggies? Come visit us! Click here for opening hours.

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