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What's Growing Now?

May 30, 2023

Happy Spring! We are so excited to be open again and to reconnect with you, our wonderful customers!


The ladies are laying again! Beautiful, multi-coloured, free-range chicken eggs! 

Chicken eggs - $6 per dozen


Mixed salad greens - $5/ approx 200g bag

Spinach - $4/ approx 200g bag

Rhubarb - 3 stalks/$1


Ground lamb - $11/lb

Lamb loin chops - sold out

Lamb shoulder roast - $12/lb

Lamb shanks - $12/lb

Leg of lamb roast - sold out

Bones - $4/lb


Bacon - sold out

Sausages (mild italian) - sold out

Ground pork - sold out

Pork leg roast - $7/lb

Pork loin chops - $9.50/lb

Whole smoked hams - $5/lb

Bones - $4/lb

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