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What's Growing Now?

May 24, 2024

Happy Spring!!  We are now open Saturdays from 10 - 5.  


Truly free range chicken eggs - $7/dozen.


NEW! - Whole BBQ pig - 50lb minimum carcass. Cleaned and ready for the spit! Great for your next party! - $200

Pork chops -$8.25/lb

Pork leg roast -$8.25/lb

Ground pork - $5/lb

Mild Italian sausage - $7.50/lb

Pork tenderloin - $7/lb

Pork belly - $7.50/lb

Pork butt (shoulder) roast (great for pulled pork!) - $6/lb


We are sold out of lamb for now, but will have ground lamb and lamb stew available again from our next slaughter in mid summer.


Rhubarb - 3 stalks/$1

Salad greens - did not germinate! I have replanted and hope the first greens will be available in early June. Sorry everyone! We will be selling our 200g salad green bags for $6/bag. Stay tuned!

Veggie & Herb Starts

Grow your own!!

$2 per plant: Fortex green beans; Borlotti, Taylor and Italian White drying beans; Scarlet Runner beans; Jackpot zucchini

$3 per plant: Sage; Lupins; Agastache (Licorice Mint)

$5 per plant: (coming soon): Rhubarb

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