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Colored Eggs

Free Range Eggs

Our hens are REALLY, TRULY free range. They roam the farm all day, doing what chickens do best - foraging for food!

The result - natural and nutritious eggs from happy hens living their best chicken lives.

Our flock started as a mix of different heritage breeds: Light Sussex, Buff Orpington, Ameraucana and Barred Rock.


Every spring, a few of our hens go broody and hatch out baby chicks. Five years of this "natural breeding program" has given us a flock of genetically diverse, naturally hardy and healthy birds. 


Stand still! I'm trying to take your picture!

Duck & Goose Eggs


The ducks waddle off for an afternoon swim.

Our ducks and geese are mainly here for entertainment.


Sure, the ducks eat slugs, when they're not napping in the shade or playing in puddles.

And yes, the geese mow the grass, but mostly they lounge around on the driveway, refusing to move even for cars. They honk at everyone, chew through power cords, eat the barn siding, and generally rule the entire farm!


The goose squad in action.

Occasionally in the spring, we have duck and goose eggs for sale. If you are interested, just ask!

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