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The sheep in our flock are a cross between the Katahdin and St. Croix breeds. They are hair sheep, which means they shed their​ winter wool coat naturally, without the need for shearing.


Katahdins were originally bred in Maine. They are known for hardiness, high fertility, and for being easy keepers and good mothers.

St. Croix are native to the US Virgin Islands.  They are known for parasite resistance and resistance to hoof rot - important considerations when you are trying to raise sheep without chemical de-wormers!

The sheep are curious and full of personality. We feed hay in the winter when their pasture is dormant. They know when it's mealtime, and if we are a few minutes late serving their dinner, they line up at the gate and yell at us!

We sell lamb and mutton by the cut, or you can pre-order a whole or half lamb. Our animals are slaughtered and cut/wrapped/frozen at a small locally owned, government inspected processor (Lester's Butchery & Processing in Duncan BC).


Onyx and Cow come to check out Adam's camera. Yes, we have a sheep named Cow! Can you see why?

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