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Our Story


Welcome to Campion Farm!  We are a small, family farm on 6.5 acres in beautiful Saanichton, BC.  We produce and sell free range eggs, lamb, pork, weaner piglets and seasonal summer vegetables. 

Why Farming?

The birth of our children ignited a desire to live gently in the world. Like all new parents, we felt the responsibility of being role models. We knew they would soon be asking us a million questions, large and small. It seemed important to have real answers for those big questions - answers we could feel good about and believe in.


But what DID we believe, exactly? What should we teach our children about how to live in the world? Suddenly, we had a growing list of our own big questions.


A sunny winter day on the farm.

So Many Questions

Why do we live the way we do? How can we leave our children a world less damaged?


The news was full of stories about how modern, large-scale agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, antibiotic-resistant pathogens, and loss of soil ecology.

But wait - we all have to eat! So what was the answer? Should we become vegetarian? Vegan? What is a human's natural diet, anyway? Could organic, sustainable, regenerative or permaculture farms really produce enough to feed the world? Or even feed a local population?


Julie with the first lamb born on the farm.

How much land does a person really need to feed themselves? How much land does a city need? How secure is our modern food supply? How much do we rely on imported food? What will happen if we actually run out of fossil fuels? Is alternative energy the answer? Or is reducing consumption the only solution? Is that even possible?

We are definitely not the first people to go on this journey, and everyone's destination is different. We got overwhelmed. We worried about how the world's population should feed itself, but we weren't even feeding ourselves. So that's where we started.

From a hobby...

It started with 2 small garden beds in the back yard. Then we converted most of our suburban lot into vegetables and herbs, and built a coop for our new flock of 4 chickens.  Two years later, our flock had grown to 20 and we were providing eggs and vegetables to our families and neighbours.


One of our Light Sussex roosters

... to a passion!

It felt good, but we wanted to do more, and our backyard mini-farm was bursting at the seams. It was time to expand. Finally we found our new home, with 6 acres of gently sloping pasture and a little green barn on Campion Road.

As we work to set up the farm, we are guided by the desire to exist in harmony with the natural world, while feeding ourselves and our community. We are constant students of regenerative farming and permaculture. To learn more about our practices, visit our Products page, or better yet, come visit us in person!

Growing Family

Our children help us with all aspects of the farm, including building this website!  See below for some commentary from our little farmers.

Campion Farm - Barn.jpg

Sophia says:

This is Campion Farm barn and the future Oldales Farm shop. (I made up the name!) Here we will have a wonderful selection of eggs, vegetables and more. 

Adam says:

Campion Farm is incredible because of the food, sheep, chickens, ducks, and geese. Take a look at the sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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